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WDBC + Lone Girl Collab Grisette Release

What happens when Working Draft Beer Company and The Lone Girl Brewing Company get together for our second collaboration brew? How about a seasonally-inspired 4.1% Belgian Grisette hopped with beautiful Huell Melon hops, for starters!

Legend has it Grisettes were originally brewed to quench the thirst of men laboring in the coal mines of southern Belgium, and seeing as though we're fans of sessionable beers and the legendary history of Belgian brewing, this collab was an absolute no-brainer.

Set for release at 3pm on Monday, 4/29, this collab is the perfect way to kick off your weekday Madison Craft Beer Week events - with a light, crisp, and refreshing drinkability alongside notes of pink peppercorn, wintergreen, and fresh honeydew atop a dry malt base. 

Cheers to John and the entire Lone Girl team for joining us on this collaborative brewing adventure, and we'll look forward to tapping this little nugget of history as MCBW gets into full swing!