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Beer-Inspired Trivia Night at WDBC

With our WDBC Trivia Nights running every Wednesday through the end of May, we're incredibly excited to celebrate Madison Craft Beer Week 2019 with a 100% beer-focused night of trivia and good times!

That's right - if you think you know your way around a trivia night AND you think you know a thing or two about beer, this is the perfect night for you! While the WDBC trivia format will remain the exact same, we'll have all kinds of brewing and brewery-related questions to send your way!

And in addition to the beer-inspired trivia, we'll also have a *beer-inspired* NACHO plate - and if you've ordered our nachos before, you know it's a beast of shareable deliciousness!

Stay tuned for more trivia, nacho, and beer updates as Wednesday, 5/1 draws closer, and we'll hope to see you for a bevy of brewery brain-busters!