(as of 11/12/2018)

Above ground pool

premium american light Lager
3.6% ABV

A classic lawnmower beer. Brewed with premium malted barley & corn.


5.1% ABV

All German malts & hops gives this simple beer a complex depth of character. A German lager brewed like an American.

Local poet

pale ale (chapter 4)
5.3% ABV

Sweet Pineapple on the nose with a bright citrus flavor. Dry, crisp & clean with just a touch of malty sweetness to balance it out. Mosaic hops in the whirlpool & dry hopped with Amarillo & Chinook hops.

Keller Vision

Keller Pilsner
Small Batch
4.9% ABV

An ode to Zwicklevision, the first beer brewed on our 7 bbl system. This beer is silmilar to Hindsight but it hasn't been filtered & it has a subtle added malt complexity due to the addition of Melanoidin Malt

ain’t bad

vienna lager
5.5% ABV

A traditional European amber lager -- biscuity & bready malt character with an herbal hop aroma.

rich uncle

imperial oatmeal stout
9.1% ABV

Sweet Chocolate, molasses, dried fruit and some banana ester. This beer is big, sweet & hides the alcohol very well. There is very low roast which makes for a very easy drinking Imperial Stout.

Future Tense

brut ipa
6.5% ABV

Filtered & crystal-clear with fresh fruit aromas like white grape, pear & tropical fruit. Its effervescence & dry finish is reminiscent of Brut Champagne. Galaxy, Simcoe, Amarillo hops.

bold font all caps

hazy ipa
7.5% ABV

Juuuuuuicy. Passion fruit on the nose, with notes of mango, pineapple & lime. Bitterness is present but not overbearing, leaving the beer with a soft but not overly sweet malt character. Contains 0% fruit juice.

Future Perfect

Imperial brut IPA
10.6% ABV

With a big fruity dank aroma this beer is big, boozy and dryyyyy. At 10.6%, the extra alcohol gives it characteristics that are similar to wine. Nelson Sauvin, Enigma, Amarillo,
Simcoe hops.

Close Enough To perfect

Double IPA
8.7% ABV

Loaded with citrus & tropical fruit aroma & flavor. At 8.7%, this beer is dangerously drinkable. Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo, Chinook hops.

Pulp Culture

Hazy IPA (Chapter 3)
6.4% ABV

Chapter 3 boasts even more dry hops. Grapefruit, kiwi, & pineapple bursts plus generous amounts of oats and wheat give this IPA body & that characteristic New England haze. Denali, Mosaic, Enigma, Amarillo hops.

Up is down

dark mild
3.5% ABV

Aromas of dried fruit & chocolate. Light, sessionable, but full of flavor. The return of our incredibly popular small-batch run of this beer


Belgian Saison
5.8% ABV

Special Saison brewed up for our Booyah Hoopla event, celebrating the area in Belgium called Wallonia (where a dialect called Walloon is spoken). With a traditional Belgian yeast strain, Pilsen and wheat malt, & accented with Denali hops, this saison shines with pineapple, grapefruit, black pepper, banana & bubblegum flavors & aromas.

CONCORD Grape soda

House Made

Concord grapes. Crisp & refreshing. No sugar added.

Guest Taps

Alt Brew Copperhead

copper ale
5.1% ABV


4.5% ABV


Full menu available Monday – Friday 5-9pm
Saturday - Sunday 11am-9pm

Other times, snack sticks (regular or jalapeno cheddar) - $2 or snack mix available: assorted spiced nuts, dried fruit - $5 (add candied bacon $1).

When we are not serving food, you're welcome to bring-in or order-in food.



w/ Madison Sourdough
Smoked ham, pork confit, spicy pepper mustard,
swiss, pickles, ciabatta
➡︎ Gluten sensitive option available +$1

LAMB Sandwich


w/ Pinn Oak Farms & Madison Sourdough
Cucumbers, red onion, yogurt, ciabatta
➡︎ Gluten sensitive option available +$1


$8 (V)

Spelt, mixed greens, roasted beets, sprouted lentils, garlic miso dressing


$11 (V)

Variety of local cheeses, market jam, toast points
➡︎ Add Wm Chocolate +$3
➡︎ Gluten sensitive option available +$1


$9 (V)

Fresh and marinated vegetables, hummus, pita chips
➡︎ Gluten sensitive option available +$1


$7 (V, GF)

Sherry vinaigrette, greens, parmigiano-reggiano

PIMENTO CHEESE spread + buttermilk biscuits

$7 (V)

Hook's 5-year cheddar cheese, house-made buttermilk biscuits

charred broccoli salad

$7 (gf)

Shiitake mushrooms, lime mayo, cilantro, basil, & scallions
(contains fish sauce)

Spring rolls

$6 (GF)

Rice noodles, carrots, shaved pork, basil, spaghetti squash, peanut dipping sauce

Roasted Delicata

$7 (GF)

Spicy greens, maple red wine vinaigrette, toasted pepitas, feta


$5 (V, GF)

Assorted spiced nuts, dried fruit, puffed grains
➡︎ Add candied bacon +$1

Snack stick

$2 (GF)

From Fox Heritage Farms
Delicious mixture of Fox Heritage Farms beef, pork, and
spices. A craft "Slim Jim," if you will...
➡︎ Regular or jalapeno cheddar


$6 (V, GF)

From Wm Chocolate
Various single-source bean gourmet chocolates