(as of 12/17/2018)

Dad bod

oatmeal stout (chapter 3)
6.0% ABV

Subtle vanilla, maple, & roasty notes play nicely with the smooth mouthfeel from golden naked oats. More crystal malt gives additional body in Chapter 3.

change the subject

fruited brut ipa (chapter 2)
6.8% ABV

Dry & crisp with big notes of peach, mango & passionfruit. A hint of tartness from the fruit puree really gives this beer a champagne like vibe.

Local poet

pale ale (chapter 4)
5.3% ABV

Sweet Pineapple on the nose with a bright citrus flavor. Dry, crisp & clean with just a touch of malty sweetness to balance it out. Mosaic hops in the whirlpool & dry hopped with Amarillo hops.

Keller vision

keller pilsner
4.9% ABV

An ode to Zwicklevision, the first beer brewed on our 7 bbl system. This beer is silmilar to Hindsight but it hasn't been filtered & it has a subtle added malt complexity due to the addition of Melanoidin Malt.

rich uncle

imperial oatmeal stout
9.1% ABV

Sweet Chocolate, molasses, dried fruit and some banana ester. This beer is big, sweet & hides the alcohol very well. There is very low roast which makes for a very easy drinking Imperial Stout.

european vacay

munich dunkel
5.5% ABV

This dark lager looks like it will be heavy & roasty but surprises with its refreshing crispness & full-flavor. A Munich Dunkel was WDBC co-owner Ben's "gateway" beer while traveling in Germany. Relive that vacation with this cool beer style.


Dry Hopped Triple
10.1% ABV

This beer is super complex. Bubblegum, banana, juicy fruit gum, wintergreen, tropical fruit, grapefruit...This beer has it all. It finishes dry but has a ton of perceived sweetness from the crazy esters this yeast strain produces. Brewed in collaboration with Wisconsin Brewing Company.

Future Tense

brut ipa
6.5% ABV

Filtered & crystal-clear with fresh fruit aromas like white grape, pear & tropical fruit. Its effervescence & dry finish is reminiscent of Brut Champagne. Galaxy, Simcoe, Amarillo hops.

Amarillo IPA

american ipa
6.3% ABV

Huge notes of Orange & Citrus in the aroma & flavor. This beer is dry, crisp, fruity & refreshing. Great showcase for a hop variety that helped define American hoppy ale.

bold font all caps

hazy ipa (chapter 2)
6.7% ABV

Juuuuuuicy. Passion fruit on the nose, with notes of mango, pineapple & lime. Bitterness is present but not overbearing, leaving the beer with a soft but not overly sweet malt character. Contains 0% fruit juice.

Close Enough To perfect

Double IPA
8.7% ABV

Loaded with citrus & tropical fruit aroma & flavor. At 8.7%, this beer is dangerously drinkable. Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo, Chinook hops.

above ground pool

american light lager
3.6% ABV

Classic lawnmower beer brewed with premium malted barley & corn.


Oaked scotch ale
6.7% ABV

Longtime East High principal, Milton McPike, was just honored when Central Park officially had its name changed to McPike Park. In that spirit, Clint added heavy toast white American oak to the fermenter for this fresh take on a scotch ale. Subtle sweetness with notes of dried fruit cinnamon, cocoa and honey.

sparkling Lime

House Made

Fresh lime juice, carbonated water.

Guest Taps

Alt Brew Kickback Kolsch

copper ale
5.5% ABV

New Glarus belgian red

fruit beer
4.0% ABV


Full menu available Monday – Friday 5-9pm
Saturday - Sunday 11am-9pm

Other times, snack sticks (regular or jalapeno cheddar) - $2 or snack mix available: assorted spiced nuts, dried fruit - $5 (add candied bacon $1).

When we are not serving food, you're welcome to bring-in or order-in food.



w/ Madison Sourdough
Smoked ham, pork confit, spicy pepper mustard,
swiss, pickles, ciabatta
➡︎ Gluten sensitive option available +$1

meatball Sub


w/ Batch Bakehouse
Pork & beef, tomato sauce, piparras, pepper onion olive relish

LAMB Sandwich


w/ Pinn Oak Farms & Madison Sourdough
Cucumbers, red onion, yogurt, ciabatta
➡︎ Gluten sensitive option available +$1


$8 (V)

Spelt, mixed greens, roasted beets, sprouted lentils, garlic miso dressing


$11 (V)

Variety of local cheeses, market jam, toast points
➡︎ Add Wm Chocolate +$3
➡︎ Gluten sensitive option available +$1


$9 (V)

Fresh and marinated vegetables, hummus, pita chips
➡︎ Gluten sensitive option available +$1


$7 (V, GF)

Sherry vinaigrette, greens, parmigiano-reggiano

PIMENTO CHEESE spread + buttermilk biscuits

$7 (V)

Hook's 5-year cheddar cheese, house-made buttermilk biscuits

charred Brussels

$7 (gf)

Scallion mustard vinaigrette, smoked coppa

Spring rolls

$6 (GF)

Rice noodles, carrots, shaved pork, basil, spaghetti squash, peanut dipping sauce


$5 (V, GF)

Assorted spiced nuts, dried fruit, puffed grains
➡︎ Add candied bacon +$1

Snack stick

$2 (GF)

From Fox Heritage Farms
Delicious mixture of Fox Heritage Farms beef, pork, and
spices. A craft "Slim Jim," if you will...
➡︎ Regular or jalapeno cheddar


$6 (V, GF)

From Wm Chocolate
Various single-source bean gourmet chocolates




From Fox Heritage Farms
➡︎ Gluten sensitive option available +$1

ham & cheese biscuit


From Fox Heritage Farms
➡︎ Gluten sensitive option available +$1