About Working Draft Beer Company


Our vision

We love how craft beer brings people together and invites us to think about what we drink. We started Working Draft Beer Company to create community, to celebrate the process of brewing and art, and to work draft by draft toward beers that delight.

Our Beer

We love hops and aim to brew and pour lots of IPAs, especially IPAs characterized as “West Coast,” which means piney, resiny, dank, citrusy and just enough malt backbone to balance it all out. But our hop love is vast, so we’ll also brew up Tropical IPAs, Session IPAs, Hazy IPAs, and hoppy takes on traditional styles.

We love lagers. Classic German Lagers. You can really notice the skilled hand of a brewer by ordering the palest, “simplest” lager on the menu. We believe a crisp, golden pilsner, blooming with that distinctive aroma of a lager yeast, floral hops, and biscuit malt, is as satisfying and drool-inducing as a hopbomb…when made well. And we aim to make ours well.

Two of the sixteen taps in house will be dedicated to a gluten-free beer from Alt Brew in Madison and a non-alcoholic house-made soda.

Crowlers (100% recyclable 32-ounce aluminum cans filled on-demand at the tap) will also allow everyone, especially bike commuters, to enjoy our beer at home or on a picnic.

Our Brewery

Working Draft will operate in parallel a 7-barrel brewhouse, built by W.M. Sprinkman in Waukesha, WI, and a “pilot” 1-barrel brewery, built by Spike Brewing in Milwaukee, striking a balance between a top-notch production craft brewery and our home-brewing roots.

Our Taproom

The taproom is the heart of WDBC, where the brewhouse, the food, the beer, and the people converge. An “open” brewhouse amplifies the sense of freshness, locality, and ownership over what is being consumed.

WDBC sponsors an Artist-in-Residence (AiRs) program, so area artists can find dedicated space to their craft in the taproom, whether that’s a gallery space, a venue for acoustic music, or a backdrop for a poetry reading.

Solid maple from what were lanes 21, 22, and 24 and their pin decks at Village Lanes in Monona, WI have been restored and made into the bartop and the common tables in the taproom.